Cyprus, Nicosia

The most famous cities. Review

Updated: 2 months ago

Probably the busiest city in the Republic of Cyprus is Limassol - not the capital. One may say the unofficial capital. Limassol is beautiful, with a numerous Russian-speaking diaspora and many opportunities for work and exciting life. One can see the largest construction projects with extraordinary designs, reflective glass houses, and luxury apartments here. For outdoor enthusiasts, in Limassol, there are many fitness clubs, yoga and Pilates classes on the seashore, water sports, beaches, and restaurants for every taste. The best hotels and shopping centers are also in the city. And the famous quay, 15 kilometers long, with eucalyptus and flowers, lies here too. Limassol makes the impression of a large and prosperous one with excellent opportunities for recreation. There are places to go and things to see in Limassol. One will not be bored living here all the time. Large foreign companies, including Russian ones, prefer to rent offices in Limassol, so there are many expatriates from different countries, and one can often hear the Russian language here. Limassol has educational opportunities - good British schools and a university.

Larnaca is another major city in Cyprus. It is more modest, with fewer opportunities for work and education, but they still exist. There are also enough Russians in Larnaca, but the expatriates are different than those in Limassol. Generally speaking, it is an ordinary Mediterranean resort town - quiet, with bars, restaurants, beach nightclubs, and coffee houses. But everything is to a lesser extent.

Paphos is atmospheric, with monuments of history and architecture at every step. The city has beautiful nature - beaches and mountains. It is calm.

Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Most government agencies are in the city. Nicosia can be interesting in terms of shopping, work, and business. There is no sea coast in the capital. Accommodation in Nicosia is cheap.

Ayia Napa is a famous party place. The city's peculiarity is numerous nightclubs, bars, casinos, and beaches. AyiaNapa does not look much like a city but rather a tourist destination where life stops at the end of the beach season.

Protaras is a respectable tourist town with the entire infrastructure - hotels, villas, cozy restaurants, and cafes. The city has beautiful nature - clean sea, mountains, and flowered hills. Life in Protaras stops with the departure of tourists.

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