Cyprus, Nicosia

What is the right way to visit in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Every country has its own customs and often even its own etiquette. In Cyprus, you need to know how to properly visit the locals to avoid misunderstandings and even offence.

So, it is not customary to visit empty-handed. Traditionally in Cyprus bring to the common table baked goods and give flowers, except for white lilies, which are usually bought only for funeral ceremonies.

You should sit at the table only on the place which the host will indicate to you. That's the custom here.

If you bring a gift in a beautiful festive package, don't be surprised if they don't unwrap it for you - that's the tradition. The guest is also not expected to unwrap the gift in front of everyone - it is considered a sign of greed and even disrespect to the giver.

Dressing up as a guest does not have to be festive, but shorts and flip flops on a guest can be perceived as disrespectful to the hosts.

It is important to speak favourably of the house, the hosts and their family, and it is important to treat members of the older generation with double respect.

It is not acceptable to argue about religious topics. Belief in God is considered a sacred topic in most homes and should be respected and honoured.

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