Cyprus, Nicosia

Do you need warm clothes in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

There is a myth that the Mediterranean is hot all year round, but this is not entirely true. Yes, there is no snow here almost all year round, but don't be deceived. In November the cold evenings and nights begin, houses freeze, and there is no central heating in Cyprus. So despite sunny and warm days, it can be cold outside in the evenings, and in the houses, even if heated by air conditioning and underfloor heating, you still need thick blankets, electric sheets and woollen clothes. People often walk around in two socks for each foot and fur slippers in their flats. You don't need winter clothes for the street, of course, but you will definitely need woollen jumpers, leather jackets and light down jackets. Besides, on the street in winter there is a strong wind from the sea and rain. But the bulk of warm clothes are still needed for home, it is cold indoors until May.

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