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School holidays in Cyprus 2023/2024

Updated: 2 months ago

We tell you about holidays for schoolchildren in Cyprus in the school year 2023-2024.

The peculiarity of the education system in Cyprus is that there are no autumn holidays, which are customary in Russia and other former CIS countries (but there are spring holidays!). However, there are some holidays, at the expense of which schoolchildren can rest a little longer.

Holidays in Cyprus

школьные каникулы кипр

Winter holidays in Cyprus

In winter, Cypriot schoolchildren have a holiday from 25 December to 7 January. This is called the Christmas holiday.

Spring holidays in Cyprus

In spring, schoolchildren are released from school for an even longer period - from 29 April to 12 May. This is the Easter holiday.

Summer holidays in Cyprus

In summer, schoolchildren go on holiday at the beginning of the season, but on 20 June. At the same time, the next year starts on 6 September.

Extra weekend for schoolchildren

In addition to holiday days and general public holidays, which are also relevant for adults, children have a few extra days off:

  • 30 January - Knowledge Day (also known as the religious holiday of the Three Saints);
  • 11 June - Memorial Day of the Apostle Barnabas, this saint is the patron saint of Cyprus;
  • 13 June - Ascension Day.

In addition, schoolchildren have a holiday on the patron saint's day of the locality where their school is located.

Frequently asked questions about education in Cyprus

What is the education system in Cyprus?

Cyprus has a four-tier education system, divided into pre-school education, primary and secondary education, and higher education. You can read more about all types in our Education section.

When else do schoolchildren on holiday in Cyprus?

Apart from the above mentioned weekends, schoolchildren do not study on public holidays, it is another 15 days a year, but some of them fall on holidays. We have already published a list of public holidays in Cyprus, we recommend you to familiarise yourself with it.

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