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What to do in Cyprus in Autumn?

Updated: 2 months ago

As you know, September-October is the velvet season in Cyprus. The heat has already subsided, but the sea is still warm and the weather is good. Therefore, two autumn months can safely continue the bathing season and beach holidays.

In autumn, festivals begin on the island - wine festival in September, food festival in October. Usually, the most famous street in the city centre is decorated with lights and decorations, along the road stalls with farm food, handmade souvenirs, wines straight from the wineries. Music plays and people crowd the streets. Sometimes there are concerts or plays. The atmosphere encourages you to walk in the crowd, taste the flavours of Cyprus and buy something to take with you.

September and October are the perfect two months for diving, snorkelling and other water activities, for which it can be quite hot in summer.

And in November it is best to go on excursions, to see ancient ruins and medieval castles.

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