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What to do in Cyprus in winter?

Updated: 2 months ago

Winter is not the best time for a beach holiday, but the comfortable temperatures are conducive to travelling around the island. You can visit archaeoparks, museums, festivals and celebrate Christmas, Epiphany and Shrovetide. And in the mountains of Troodos, if you are lucky with snow, you can open a ski slope.

Epiphany or Epiphany on the island is celebrated in a rather unusual way - Cypriots traditionally plunge into the cold sea water in search of a cross, which the priest, during the festive service on the shore, throws into the water.

Christmas in Cyprus is celebrated together with the rest of Europe according to the Gregorian calendar on 25 December. They prepare for the celebration already in November - they decorate streets of towns and villages, shopping centres, there are a lot of charity fairs and concerts at this time. In the month before Christmas there is a lot to do and see in Cyprus.

Shrovetide or Apokria in Greek is the last week before Lent - a time of joy, food and colourful festivals. The most famous Shrovetide celebration is the Limassol Carnival.

And if you're bored without snow in Cyprus in winter, you can always go to a hotel in the Troodos Mountains and, if you're lucky, go skiing.

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