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Ayia Napa Nightclubs

Updated: 2 months ago

The resort area of Ayia Napa is famous for its diverse nightlife. We'll tell you where the loudest parties are held.

Castle Club

Located in the heart of the nightlife scene, Castle Club is the largest club in Cyprus and is also among the top 100 most famous nightlife venues in the world according to the specialized publication DJMag. On three dance floors, you can dance to the music of popular DJs, and the 14 bars will cater to the needs of all four thousand guests the venue is designed for.

Bedrock inn

The nightclub operates on a historical theme—from primitive times to the Wild West. The local feature is the "Silent party" event, where at a certain time, visitors put on headphones and continue dancing to their favorite music.

CarWash Disco

Famous for its foam parties, as the name suggests. The music style features European dance hits from the 80s and 90s.

Club Ice

Another place for fans of foam parties, but with modern dance music.

Senior Frog’s

Mexican parties with a modern twist, as well as other colorful and vibrant shows. A very crowded and popular place, with tables and poles even outside. In the evening, you might find yourself at a stripping championship, and during the day, you can sail off to a party at sea.

ZicZac Bar

A three-story club with loud music. The first floor features a large dance floor, the second has bars and lounges, and the third floor is dedicated to a VIP area. The place is especially popular among Swiss tourists, so it is also known as the Swiss Bar.

Bar Arbat nightclub, aimed at the Russian public, no longer exists; its colleague Red Square Bar is now called Red Bar. Additionally, popular venues like River Reggae, Starsky, and SOHO did not survive the pandemic.

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