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Hunting Season in Cyprus: What You Need to Know?

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Larnaca is not only the main arrival point for tourists in Cyprus but also a popular resort with a wide range of hotels and diverse beaches. Let's explore the features of the coastline and find out which beaches in Larnaca are the best.

Top 10 Beaches in Larnaca

Пляжи Ларнаки


Finikudes is the main beach in the city of Larnaca, located in the center of the resort area between the Old and New Harbor. This beach is compact: the length of the equipped recreation area is 500 meters, and the width of the sandy strip varies from 30 to 100 meters.

The season at Finikudes Beach starts earlier than at other beaches in Larnaca: thanks to the shallow waters, the water here warms up quickly, and you can swim as early as mid-March, but the comfortable swimming temperature is established in early May. The season lasts until October.

At first glance, the beach may not seem very picturesque. The sand has a clayey structure and a grayish hue due to its volcanic origin. Nevertheless, the water on this beach is exceptionally clean, and the entry into the sea is gentle, sandy, and free of stones. This beach is ideal for families with children, although sometimes you may need to walk 25-30 meters to reach deeper waters.


Mackenzy Beach ranks second in popularity among the beaches in Larnaca - in terms of the number of visitors, it is only surpassed by the central Finikudes Beach. However, unlike Finikudes, Mackenzy has a significant length - 1 kilometer. The entry into the sea is gradual, the season at this beach starts around mid or late May and continues until October.

The sand on the beach may not look very attractive due to its grayish hue, but it is important to note that Mackenzy Beach, like many other beaches in Cyprus, has been awarded the "Blue Flag" for cleanliness.

The beach is also notable for allowing tourists to watch planes landing, unofficially earning it the nickname "Plane Beach." Many photos from Mackenzy Beach feature scenes with airplanes.


Mazotos Beach stretches for 7 kilometers and is mainly composed of pebbles and black sand. This beach is particularly appealing to those who prefer a "wild" vacation away from the city hustle and bustle. Due to its remoteness from major cities and resorts, there are few visitors here, and in some areas, you may not encounter people at all. Mostly, local residents come to this beach with their families to relax away from the crowds of tourists who prefer more popular resort areas in Larnaca. There is almost no vegetation, and therefore, no shade, so it is advisable to bring an umbrella.


A small and cozy beach near the center of Larnaca. Along with Finikudes and Mackenzy, it is part of the trio of beaches officially designated in the Larnaca district. This beach is about 400 meters long and varies in width from 20 to 70 meters.

The beach is covered with sand, which mainly has a brown-gray hue due to volcanic ash impurities. The seabed is also sandy, gently sloping into the water. There are hardly any strong waves here, and the water is clean and transparent. Castela Beach is a municipal beach, so access is free.


Kalimnos Beach is considered one of the most beautiful stretches along the Pentakomo coastline in Larnaca. This small beach with sandy coverage and white rocky cliffs has been awarded the "Blue Flag," emphasizing its high level of comfort and cleanliness. Nearby Kalymnos Beach is the more famous Governors Beach, which can be reached by water. Governors Beach is already part of Limassol's beaches.

The sand on this beach has a gray hue due to its volcanic origin. The snow-white rocks surrounding the beach beautifully contrast with this sand, and along the rocks, there are railings and stairs leading to the sea. At the top, you can find a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to the start of the hunting season, we inform about the hunting rules in Cyprus.

Of course, to hunt in Cyprus, you need to obtain a license - both for hunting and for possessing a weapon.

Requirements for obtaining a hunting license in Cyprus

  • The hunter must be over 18 years old
  • Must pass an exam, which includes tests on knowledge of hunting laws, safety rules when hunting, and be familiar with animal species
  • Must not have been previously convicted of hunting in reserves
  • The license must be renewed annually and is valid only for certain hunting areas and seasons

Requirements for obtaining a license for hunting weapons

  • The candidate for carrying a weapon must be over 18 years old
  • Must not have a criminal past
  • Mental health must be confirmed by a medical certificate
  • Must have a reason for carrying a weapon (in this case, a hunting license)
  • Courses on safe handling of weapons must be completed
  • The license applies only to hunting rifles

Rules for registering game

All game is registered through a special application - Artemis Cy.

Thanks to this application, the Department will be able to collect all data on game for the protection of hunting grounds in the Republic of Cyprus. Please note that the latest version of the application must be installed.

Reports on woodpeckers and rock pigeons are made through the "PDA Regime" menu, for other game - through the "Game" menu. Before hunting, carefully study the application and maps with the allowed shooting areas.

Охота Кипр

Frequently Asked Questions about hunting in Cyprus

When should the killed game be registered?

The registration of the game must be done immediately after the hunt in a specific location, that is, before the hunter gets into a car to change locations.

What to do if there is no access to the application?

If you do not have a smartphone or for some reason the application is not supported, the hunting department recommends installing the application on the phone of a trusted person (when registering, you need to provide the hunting license number and TIN).

In extreme cases, you can register the game by sending an SMS to the following numbers:

  • Nicosia District: 99201081 and 99201231
  • Limassol District: 99201258 and 99201503
  • Paphos District: 99201946 and 99202286
  • Larnaca and Famagusta District: 99202463 and 99203228

Where to report if you find violators or poachers?

If cases of illegal hunting are detected, do not try to deal with it on the spot, but report what happened to the police (number 1414) or to the hotline:

  • Nicosia District: 99445697
  • Limassol District: 99445728
  • Paphos District: 99445679
  • Larnaca and Famagusta District: 99634325

Information on the extension of the hunting license is posted on a special website.

If you are passionate about hunting, you can always find like-minded people in our Telegram chat.

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