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Flights to Cyprus via Serbia

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Due to sanctions against Russia, Serbia is the only European country through which one can fly from Russia to Cyprus.

Перелёты на Кипр через Сербию

Connecting flights by Air Serbia from Russia to Cyprus

Перелёты на Кипр через Сербию

Moscow — Belgrade — Larnaca

  • 6 days a week except Friday

St. Petersburg — Belgrade — Larnaca

  • 6 days a week except Monday

Kazan — Belgrade — Larnaca

  • 2 days a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays

Purchasing a ticket on Air Serbia with a Russian card

If you don't have a bank card issued outside Russia to purchase a ticket on the Air Serbia website, you can use Aviasales search engine — through it you can find ticket offices that accept payment in rubles with Russian cards. The overpayment compared to purchasing on the website will be minimal, taking into account only the conversion to rubles.

Перелёты на Кипр через Сербию

Frequently Asked Questions about flights to Cyprus

How much do flights to Cyprus via Serbia cost?

It depends on the departure dates. If you book a month in advance with a return two weeks after arriving in Larnaca, a round-trip ticket from Moscow with a layover in Belgrade will cost a little over 100,000 rubles. It is most convenient to check the price on the same

What other ways can you fly to Cyprus from Russia?

We have already done a review of Arab airlines flying to Cyprus. There are several options, and you can choose based on price and layover convenience.

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