Cyprus, Nicosia

How much money per month do you need to live in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Much depends on the city. Traditionally, Limassol is the most expensive place in Cyprus, while Larnaca is the cheapest. If you stay here only for three months, your monthly rent will be bigger than if you live for a year. After all, short-term rentals are more expensive. For example, off-season, a studio in Larnaca will cost a minimum of 500€ per month, and an apartment in Limassol - about 1200€. During the season, the prices double. Long-term renting in Larnacacosts a minimum of 350 €, in Limassol - 750 €. One can find the offers here:

Transportation costs, food, and cafes - you can count a minimum of 800 € per person per month. If you add restaurants, bars, sports, and shopping, then the amount, of course, will be different.

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