Cyprus, Nicosia

Professions in demand for immigrants

Updated: 2 months ago

The best variant for moving here is to have a job in Cyprus. Traditionally, many people from the CIS countries work in the banking sector and IT companies. That is, if your profession is within these spheres, it will not be difficult for you to find a job even before moving. If you decide to leave the country and find a job here, you should know that they punish strictly any illegal labor on the island - a fine or deportation. Therefore, any group workshops, coaching, and work in the beauty industry should be official. You need to either look for a job and apply for a residence permit for work or a residence permit for a high income, which means having income in another country.

Immigrants can get a job not only in the banking sector or IT but in the niche of selling/renting real estate and the fields of medicine and cosmetology. The service sector is also available for immigrants - nannies, housekeepers, car service masters, translators, fitness trainers, stylists, and other beauty-sphere professions.

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