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State clinics of Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

List of state clinics in Cyprus where foreigners residing in the Republic can also seek medical assistance. These hospitals provide treatment and examinations as part of the state medical insurance program.

Государственные клиники Кипр

Municipal Hospitals in Cyprus

Nicosia General Hospital

Archbishop Makarios III Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare in Cyprus

Who is entitled to free use of state clinics?

In addition to Cypriot citizens, foreigners who have obtained a permanent residence permit and a Yellow slip are also entitled to medical assistance from the public health insurance system.

When does an ambulance arrive?

In most cases, patients make their own way to the hospital, and ambulances only respond to truly emergency calls such as childbirth, respiratory arrest, heart attacks, or traffic accidents.

Where to purchase tourist insurance?

If you are visiting Cyprus as a tourist, it is mandatory to obtain medical insurance with sufficient coverage, preferably up to 50,000 euros. Here is a list of websites where you can purchase it online:

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