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Best fitness centers in Paphos

Updated: 1 month ago

Gyms in Paphos will help you stay in shape if it's uncomfortable to exercise outdoors for any reason.

We have selected the top 10 places for workouts by analyzing reviews on Google (with a rating of no less than 4.7) as well as on specialized resources in Cyprus.

Top 10 fitness centers in Paphos

Лучшие фитнес-центры в Пафосе

Star Fitness Gym

VO2 Fitness Center

West 34 Elite Fitness Club

Tower Fitness Center

FIIT Paphos Training Room

GFit Personal Training

Hardcore Training Gym

Forma Personal Training Studio Gym

G Fitness

Aesthetics Fitness Club

Frequently Asked Questions about Gyms

How much does it cost to visit fitness centers in Paphos?

Each gym has its own cost, but you can roughly estimate the following average values:

  • monthly subscription - 50 euros
  • 2-month subscription - 90 euros
  • 3-month subscription - 135 euros
  • 6-month subscription - 245 euros
  • annual subscription - 350 euros

How to choose a gym in Paphos?

Choose a gym that is conveniently located near your home, workplace, or daily travel route. Before purchasing a subscription, visit the gym and familiarize yourself with its equipment and facilities. Pay attention to the selection of cardio machines, strength training equipment, free weights, and functional training areas. Make sure the equipment is well-maintained and in good condition.

What other sports options are there in Cyprus?

A great way to stay in shape is by cycling. We have a separate article that tells about the best cycling routes in Cyprus.

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