Cyprus, Nicosia

The Cypriot mentality is "siga-siga"

Updated: 2 months ago

It is in the phrase "siga-siga" that the whole rhythm and meaning of Cypriot life is contained. Although "siga" is practically all the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region.

Good or very hot weather, the sea, wine - all this has formed the Cypriots' psychology of relaxation, which is "siga-siga" - relax. They don't fuss, they don't run, the Cypriot "in half an hour" is in three days. From the minuses of such psychology - here locals are not concerned with making money, they always choose in favour of rest, relaxation and pleasant pastime rather than work, career, money. It is really difficult to call Cypriots workaholics or careerists, many live as they live, they inherit houses or just a part of a house from their parents, they do not earn something of their own, they can drive old cars, but they enjoy life - this is the rule.

To foreigners "sigi" treat friendly and welcoming, it is easy to get acquainted, make friends or flirt, which is understandable - after all, Cyprus is one of the tourist centres of the Mediterranean.

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