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Two Departments of Limassol Hospital Left Without Air Conditioning During Heatwave

09.07.2024 / 14:50

Since Sunday, the pediatric and oncology departments at Limassol's general hospital have been without air conditioning. The cooling systems failed due to the intense heat.

Patients at the hospital raised complaints with AlphaNews about the malfunctioning air conditioners. After photos were published showing fans in the wards to ventilate the rooms, Harilaos Harilau, a representative of the State Health Services (Okypy), assured that the issue would be resolved within the day.

He explained that the problem stemmed from a burnt-out alternating current motor, but staff took measures to maintain a temperature of 27°C for all patients.

This isn't the first time major medical facilities in Cyprus have faced air conditioning failures during heatwaves. A similar incident occurred recently at the pathology department of another general hospital in Paphos.

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