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FBI to Help Restore Cyprus's Reputation Following the End of the "Golden Passport" Program

09.07.2024 / 21:14

The Republic of Cyprus and the FBI have agreed to work together to "restore the reputation of Cyprus regarding naturalization through the 'Citizenship by Investment' program." This announcement was made following a meeting between the country's President, Nikos Christodoulides, and FBI Assistant Director Michael Nordwall.

The meeting, held today at the Presidential Palace, also assessed the work done in this area over the past few months.

According to the President's press secretary, Victor Papadopoulos, "the meeting was constructive." During the talks, opinions were exchanged on the FBI's operations in Cyprus and the assistance "the American agency provides to the Republic's authorities in uncovering certain cases."

The press secretary noted that the FBI has contributed to ensuring that "the reputation of Cyprus remains untarnished, allowing the country to maintain its status as a service provider, since services constitute a significant part of Cyprus's economy."

At the same time, FBI Assistant Director Michael Nordwall stated that the meeting was highly productive, and its purpose was to discuss "the excellent partnership between the US, the FBI, and Cyprus, its people, and its police."

"We talked about ways to improve and further our cooperation as we move forward," the FBI Assistant Director said.

Speaking at the meeting, Nikos Christodoulides reiterated the close relationship between the two countries in recent years, noting that their cooperation extends to all areas.

He also stated that strengthening bilateral relations is a priority for his government and highly praised the role of the US ambassador to Cyprus in leading the deepening of these bilateral ties.

It is worth noting that Cyprus abolished the "Golden Passport" program in 2020 following sharp criticism and introduced stricter criteria for naturalization. Earlier reports indicated that at the end of June, two Russian citizens were stripped of their previously obtained "golden passports."

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