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Traffic Cameras in Cyprus Catch 1,700 Violators Daily

10.07.2024 / 22:10

Traffic cameras in Cyprus are catching 1,700 violators daily. Currently, there are 20 mobile and 85 stationary cameras in operation across the island.

Before the full implementation of the video enforcement system, about 500 offenders were caught daily.

Based on the new data, it is estimated that the cameras will record over 600,000 violations annually.

It is noted that such a high volume of data could create problems. If violations exceed half a million, the system may struggle to process them.

According to the newspaper Phileleftheros, the country may face serious issues with managing fines, most of which are related to speeding.

The authorities have already discussed this matter. The police have highlighted the need to change the system's operation principles and emphasized the need for further automation.

Additionally, the names of those who do not pay fines will be entered into the computer systems of airports and ports, as well as at the checkpoints on the northern part of the island.

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