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During the week spanning from May 17th to May 24th, the Limassol police registered over 380 traffic violations

24.05.2024 / 22:04

In Limassol, 384 violators were apprehended by traffic police officers during road checks.

Among them, 39 were caught driving under the influence of alcohol, 22 were speeding, 20 were fined for using a mobile phone while driving, and an additional 16 failed to fasten their seatbelt or wear a helmet.

The majority of violations were attributed to driving without a valid driver's license, with 94 such drivers identified. Of these cases, 53 were promptly processed in the Limassol District Court, and the defendants received appropriate summonses.

Additionally, during the raids, traffic police confiscated 18 cars and nine motorcycles for various infractions.

For further information: Location of traffic cameras in Limassol

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