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Greek Independence Day - how do Cypriots celebrate it?

Greece's Independence Day is celebrated in the country on March 25. But it's not only celebrated in one country - it is also celebrated in Cyprus.

The significance of the date is evident as it is one of the official holidays in Cyprus, making it an official day off throughout the country.

День Независимости Греции

Origin of the Holiday

The holiday is linked to the victory of the Greek people in their struggle for liberation from Ottoman rule and the declaration of Greece's independence. It has been celebrated since 1838.

The history of this holiday dates back to the 19th century when the Greek people embarked on a path to fight for their independence. On March 25, 1821, Greek rebels began their fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire. This marked the beginning of the eight-year Greek Revolution, which led to the formation of an independent state.

Celebrations in Greece

Today, Greece's Independence Day is celebrated across the country with official events and festive parades. Parades, fireworks, and solemn ceremonies take place in all cities and villages of Greece on this day. Streets are adorned with national flags, and people wear traditional costumes.

Independence Day is particularly celebrated in a grand manner in the capital of Greece, Athens. Large parades with the participation of military units, musical groups, and civil organizations take place here. Festive events are also held in Syntagma Square and other central streets of the city.

Celebrations in Cyprus

Alongside Greece, Greeks in Cyprus also celebrate Independence Day. The island of Cyprus has deep historical ties to Greek culture and traditions. Parades, solemn ceremonies, and festive events are held on this day. Greeks in Cyprus also proudly commemorate their past and traditions associated with the fight for independence and autonomy.

Interesting Facts

  • The Peloponnese Peninsula region and the Mani Peninsula were never captured by the Ottoman Empire.
  • The resistance movement is said to have begun at the Monastery of Saint Lavra on the Peloponnese Peninsula - the metropolitan of this monastery was the first to raise the flag and declare the start of the uprising.
  • Greece's Independence Day is celebrated at the White House, where since 1986, the U.S. President has hosted representatives of the Greek diaspora. Well-known figures from Greece and Cyprus also attend the reception.

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