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ow is Easter celebrated in Cyprus?

The Orthodox Christian celebration of Easter in Cyprus is one of the most significant events of the year.

Пасха на Кипре

Easter in Cyprus

Easter is an important Christian holiday not only in Cyprus, but also in the entire Christian world. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring, making the date of the holiday moveable and different each year. In 2024, Easter will be celebrated on May 5.

In Cyprus, Easter is celebrated universally and is also recognized at the state level, alongside Epiphany, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Christmas, Clean Monday, and Good Friday.

In the capital city of the island, Nicosia, as well as in major cities like Larnaca, Paphos, and Limassol, and in small villages, grand church services and Easter processions take place. Additionally, various cultural events and fairs are organized in cities and villages.

Traditions and Customs

In Cyprus, Easter is not just a religious holiday, it is a true festival of culture and traditions.

Preparation for Easter

Before Easter, Cypriots actively clean their homes, prepare special Easter dishes, and decorate them with flowers and Easter symbols.

Easter Rituals in Cyprus

On Easter Sunday, Christians attend church where a special Easter service is held. They also bring colored eggs and Easter breads for the blessing ritual. Another ritual in Cyprus is the gifting of chocolate eggs for Easter.

Easter Feasting

The Easter table in Cyprus is filled with a variety of dishes. Among the main Easter treats are Easter breads, colored eggs (usually dyed in red color), spit-roasted lamb, as well as numerous traditional Cypriot desserts and appetizers, such as sheftalia and dolmades. Additionally, besides Easter breads, cheese or raisin buns are also baked.

Easter Games and Entertainment

During Easter (not only on Sunday but also on the Monday after), various traditional games and entertainment activities for children and adults are organized in Cyprus, including egg-eating contests, Easter races, and other competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easter in Cyprus

When is Easter celebrated in Cyprus in 2024?

In Cyprus, where Orthodox Christianity is practiced, Easter is not celebrated like in Catholic countries, where it fell on March 31 in 2024. Easter in Cyprus in 2024 will be on May 5. In 2025, this holiday will take place on April 20, in 2026 on April 12, and in 2027 on May 2.

Is Easter a public holiday in Cyprus?

Easter itself always falls on a Sunday, so there is no separate public holiday specifically for that day. However, the following day is a public holiday for the government and banking sectors, with banks also closed on Tuesday. Moreover, private businesses in Cyprus are also not in a rush to work on the Monday after Easter, with some exceptions, especially in tourist areas.

Do they eat Easter breads in Cyprus for Easter?

Yes, the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church also include Easter breads, and the coloring of eggs is also performed. However, Cypriots traditionally dye their eggs only in red or reddish colors.

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