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How is Good Friday celebrated in Cyprus?

Good Friday is one of the significant days in the Christian calendar, observed by all Orthodox Christians in the country.

Страстная Пятница Кипр

Good Friday in Cyprus

This day is the main day of Holy Week, apart from Easter itself, which concludes the week. In Cyprus, this day is also observed with special attention and solemnity.

Good Friday is the day that commemorates the events leading up to the resurrection of Christ, including his crucifixion and death. For Christians, this day is a time of mourning and sorrow, as they remember Jesus' sacrifice for the salvation of humanity.

On this day in Cyprus, as in many other countries, many Christians visit churches and participate in solemn events. However, unlike other holidays, Good Friday is usually observed within the family circle.

Traditions and Customs

Church Services

On this day, churches in Cyprus conduct particularly solemn and magnificent services, during which the faithful remember the sufferings of Christ and pray for forgiveness of sins.


In various cities and villages of Cyprus, processions are held in which the faithful participate, carrying crosses, icons, and images of Christ. These processions are intended to remind of the sufferings and the path to the place of crucifixion.


On this day in Cyprus, it is customary to use black colors, symbolizing mourning and sorrow for the loss. However, they do not rush to despair completely, as they know that in two days there will be the resurrection and the bright holiday of Easter.

Fasting Meal

Many Orthodox Christians in Cyprus also fast and abstain from food as a sign of sorrow and repentance. A popular fasting dish on Good Friday is lentil soup with vinegar. This is a reference to the story when instead of water, vinegar was offered to Jesus on a sponge.

Страстная Пятница Кипр

Procession in Cyprus on Good Friday

Frequently Asked Questions about Good Friday in Cyprus

When is Good Friday celebrated in Cyprus in 2024?

In Cyprus, where Christianity of the Orthodox tradition is professed, Good Friday is not celebrated as in Catholic countries, where in 2024 it fell on March 29. Good Friday in Cyprus in 2024 falls on May 3. In 2025, this holiday will take place on April 18, in 2026 on April 10, and in 2027 on April 30.

Where can you observe processions on Good Friday?

In Cyprus, traditional solemn events in honor of Good Friday are held in various churches and public places after the service. In major cities, these are the main cathedrals, in rural areas – near village monasteries.

Is Good Friday a public holiday in Cyprus?

Yes, this is one of the religious holidays in Cyprus that is included in the list of official state holidays, and therefore is an official day off. On our website, you can familiarize yourself with all the state holidays of Cyprus. The state sector and banks do not work on this day, and shops usually close at 6 p.m.

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