Cyprus, Nicosia

Markets in the Republic of Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

In Cyprus, there are consumer goods marketplaces and flea markets with vintage items and rare junk, among which one can find something valuable. The best flea market is in the center of Larnaca. It works only on Sundays - the most traditional bazaar day - from 10 am to 1 am. Right here, Cypriot craftsmen from the villages bring their handmade goods - embroidery, leather goods, ceramics, and jewelry. Just imagine, these people mastered their crafts following their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers. Traditions are strong in Cyprus, and there are still whole dynasties of artisans whose mastership has developed for centuries. One can visit the market in Larnaca just like a museum, plunging into the atmosphere of Cyprus and trying local sweets and delicacies.

Nicosia has many flea markets. The most famous is next to the Holliday Inn. The bazaar sells antique dishes, furniture, souvenirs from the beginning of the last century, rare household items, silk, jewelry, ceramics, and leather goods.

Limassol Sunday Market

The bazaar in Limassol - Limassol Sunday Market - works only in the morning as people purchase most of the goods by lunchtime. One will find souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics, and handicrafts in this market.

The most well-known market in Cyprus is in the village of Asomatos, not far from Limassol. In the colorful bazaar, one can buy both new goods and rarities with souvenirs. Lovers of vintage stories will appreciate this market.

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