Cyprus, Nicosia

The most original souvenir of Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Pomegranates, Aphrodite's sweets and magnets - no one is surprised by such gifts anymore. But the Pythagoras Cup or the Cup of Greed is the most unusual souvenir you can bring from Cyprus. It is a very beautiful glass, often with paintings of scenes from the life of Ancient Greece. But the amount of liquid in it is strictly limited. This goblet was invented by the wise Pythagoras, so that in conditions of fresh water shortage, people save it. The cup is arranged in such a way that liquid can be poured into it very little, when a certain level is exceeded, due to the cylinder hidden inside, the water flows out of the bottom. That is, it could be used with extreme caution, any attempts to be greedy were suppressed by spilling water. There is also a version that this bowl Pythagoras fought with alcohol in ancient Greece. Anyway, it is an interesting colourful souvenir and a legacy of Ancient Greece. You can buy the bowl in souvenir shops in Cyprus.

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