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Car rental in Paralimni

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Paralimni is a popular resort area in the eastern part of Cyprus, and there is plenty to see in the surroundings.

Unlike Limassol, Larnaca, or Paphos, Paralimni is often not found on the map of rental companies. But if you already have a trusted rental company in mind, check their website.

As for aggregators, out of the four most popular ones (Economy Bookings, Auto Europe, Localrent, and Discover Cars), car rental in Paralimni is only available with the last two.

Аренда авто в Паралимни

Renting a car in Paralimni through Localrent

Localrent is a popular aggregator with Russian roots and a limited range of countries, working with small rental companies. Cyprus is on the list of countries, Paralimni is on the list of cities as well. An obvious advantage is that you can make a prepayment through the website even with a Russian card. The lightning icon indicates that the car is available for instant booking, while the shield icon indicates that the deposit is fully refundable if canceled one day or more before the rental starts.

Booking through search aggregators is often more convenient than through a specific company - small players offering a more pleasant price appear in the search. Besides, you have a choice of several rental companies' car fleets in front of you, so there is more choice, even when compared to a large lessor.

Аренда авто в Паралимни localrent

Renting a car in Paralimni through Discover Cars

After rebranding in 2019, this aggregator was recognized as the third fastest-growing company in Europe in the car rental business. Search results can be sorted by many parameters, down to choosing the size of a child seat.

The principle is similar to hotel search engines. You need to enter the city - in our case, it is Paralimni (in Latin letters), the start and end dates of the rental, the start time, and also apply various filters at the search query stage. If nothing is found in Paralimni, try entering the nearby Protaras. After receiving the results, you need to go to the car card, read the detailed conditions, fill in the data, and make a prepayment.

Аренда авто в Паралимни discovercars

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rental in Paralimni

Can you rent a car at the airport?

If you plan to rent a car for the entire duration of your stay in Cyprus, it makes sense to do it as soon as you arrive. The nearest airport to Paralimni is in Larnaca. Read the relevant article: car rental at Larnaca airport.

Where to go near Paralimni?

In fact, you can explore only the beaches of Paralimni for quite a long time, they are really cool and diverse, many of them are also awarded the "Blue Flag" - here is their list. The nearest major natural attraction is Cape Greco. But the island is small, and by car, you can visit almost any point in one day.

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