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How to Get from Larnaca to Troodos Mountains?

Updated: 2 months ago

Troodos is a magnificent and beautiful location in Cyprus, known for its famous monasteries listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, reaching these places is not that simple. Although the island is small, the journey can often be time-consuming due to the terrain, especially in these mountains.

троодос из ларнаки

By Car from Larnaca to Troodos

If you have your own or a rental car, getting from Larnaca to the Troodos Mountains is not difficult. You can drive either through Nicosia or Limassol— the first option will take approximately half an hour longer.

  • Through Nicosia: Take the A2 highway, then the A1 to Nicosia, and continue on the A9, which transitions into V9.

  • Through Limassol: Take the A5 highway and either through Eptagonia directly into the mountains (slightly longer) or turn before Limassol and then head to the mountains through Trimiklini.

Excursions from Larnaca to Troodos

The cost of tours to Troodos starts from 50 euros per person. These are day trips from morning till evening by bus or minivan, including transfer. You will need to pay separately on-site for lunch, museum entrance fees, and tips. You can purchase these tours at any travel agency on the tourist streets of Larnaca.

By Bus from Larnaca to Troodos

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from Larnaca to Troodos, but you can go with a transfer in Limassol. Getting to Limassol is not a problem, and then from this city, you will need bus No. 64.

Frequent Questions about the Trip from Larnaca to Troodos

How long does the trip from Larnaca to Troodos take?

Even the simplest excursions take a full day, with a two-hour journey each way to the mountains. Our recommendation is to consider options with an overnight stay in the mountains; there are decent hotels in the Troodos villages.

What to see in Troodos?

If you decide to go to the mountains for several days, besides visiting the UNESCO monasteries, we recommend combining the trip with a winery tour, as most of them are located in Troodos. Read our article on Cyprus wineries beforehand.

Where can you book hotels in Troodos?

You can book accommodation in the Troodos Mountains on and Ostrovok. What's especially convenient is that you can even pay with a Russian card.

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