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Cyprus Wineries

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The tradition of winemaking in Cyprus is thousands of years old, and today wine is one of the symbols of the island, consumed domestically as well as exported to other countries.

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Winemaking in Cyprus

Winemaking in Cyprus has a rich history spanning over five thousand years. The island is famous for its unique grape varieties such as Cypriot Maratheftiko and Xynisteri, as well as traditional winemaking methods. Cypriot wines are known for their strong and aromatic flavors, as well as sweet wines like the fortified wine "Commandaria". Winemaking is an important part of Cyprus's culture and economy, and many wineries offer tourists the opportunity to experience this art and sample various wine varieties.

Cyprus Wineries

The main wine producers in Cyprus are large factories that produce beverages on an industrial scale, including for export. Mostly, on supermarket shelves, you will see wines produced by these companies. Tours to these factories often include tastings. About three-quarters of Cypriot vineyards supply raw materials for these factories.

  • ETKO
  • LOEL
  • KEO

Private Wineries

Small Private Wineries operate only for the domestic market and are often not even available in local supermarkets. They occupy only a quarter of Cyprus's vineyards, but the atmosphere in such places is the most pleasant. Here you can come to taste wines and also chat with the owners. Typically, it's a family business, and in most cases, the winery is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, sometimes even on Saturday.

Below is a list of wineries and contacts. Out of more than 50, we have selected the 15 best according to sommelier reviews. You will also find recommended wine varieties to try at these wineries. Working hours may change depending on the season, so it is recommended to confirm by phone.

Lambouri Winery

Tsiakkas Winery

Ayia Mavri

Zambartas Winery

Fikardos Winery

Tsangarides Winery

Vouni Panayia

Vasilikon Winery

  • Location: Kathikas 8573 Paphos
  • Telephone: +357 26 633999
  • Recommended to Try: Vasilikon Xinisteri Single Vineyard, Einalia, Methy
  • Tasting Cost: €5
  • Website:

Ekfraseis Winery

  • Location: E 909, Chandria
  • Telephone: +357 252 11604
  • Recommended to Try: Vassiliades Ekfraseis, Mavro Rosé, Mavro Red
  • Tasting Cost: от €12
  • Website:

Kalamos Winery


Vlassides Winery

Christoudia Winery

  • Location: Kato Drys, Cyprus
  • Telephone: +357 990 34828
  • Recommended to Try: Xinisteria, Maratheftiko, Armonia
  • Tasting Cost: 2 Types €2, 3 Types €3, All 9 Types €4
  • Website:

Ktima Gerolemo

  • Location: Omodos 4760
  • Telephone: +35725422122
  • Recommended to Try: Giannoudi Limited Release, Muscat Sweet Dessert Wine, Mourokanella
  • Tasting Cost: €15
  • Website:

Ktima Vassiliades

Wine Routes

The Cyprus Tourism Organization has developed seven wine routes in Cyprus, which collectively cover all the local wineries, totaling more than 50.

  • Laona – Akamas
  • Vouni Panagia – Ambelitis
  • Diarizos Valley
  • Limassol Region
  • Commandaria
  • Pitsilia
  • Larnaca – Nicosia

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Frequently Asked Questions о виноделии на Кипре

What is the most famous wine in Cyprus?

'Commandaria' is one of the most famous and authentic Cypriot wines, known not only for its taste characteristics but also for its religious and cultural traditions associated with it. We have a whole article about Commandaria on our website.

Are there any wine festivals in Cyprus?

Yes, during the harvest season in winemaking villages, there are some interesting local events. But the main event is the Limassol Wine Festival, which takes place in early October. We have also written about this festival.

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