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Can you park an electric car for free in Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Many countries provide additional incentives to car owners to purchase an electric vehicle with various bonuses, and Cyprus is no exception.

бесплатно парковать электромобиль на Кипре

Free Parking for Electric Cars in Cyprus

The most popular and obvious incentive is the ability to park your car for free or at a discount. In Cyprus, this is implemented as follows.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Republic of Cyprus has a scheme offering free parking for electric vehicle owners - in municipal parking lots with barriers and in parking spaces equipped with parking meters.

To benefit from this, you need to contact the municipality where you are registered, provide the required documents, and obtain a special permit. This permit should be prominently displayed on the front windshield of your car for easy visibility from the outside.

Documents Required for Free Parking Registration

You need to provide the following documents to the municipality where you officially reside:

  • an identity document;
  • registration certificate of the electric vehicle in your name;
  • a copy of the vehicle ownership document;
  • a receipt for payment of utility bills in your name at an address within the municipality's jurisdiction.

FAQs about Electric Cars in Cyprus

Can hybrid cars park for free?

Yes, the parking privileges also apply to hybrid cars, following the same procedure.

Is free parking available at shopping centers?

Only if the shopping center offers free parking or a certain number of free hours - with permission from the authorities, electric vehicle owners can park for free only in municipal parking lots.

Where can I charge my electric car in Cyprus?

There is a network of car charging stations on the island, so you won't have any issues, especially considering the short distances. You can charge your car in both the southern and northern parts of the island. We have instructions for any case:

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