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Where to charge an electric car in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

Cars with electric engines are gaining popularity all over the world, and Northern Cyprus is no exception.

The cost of gasoline increased more than 10 times in 2023. In total, the prices for each type of fuel soared by more than a third. In this regard, the use of an electric car has undeniable advantages - the tariffs for electricity are also growing, but not by such giant leaps.

Зарядные станции для электромобилей Северный Кипр

Charging stations for electric cars ZES in Northern Cyprus

The largest player and almost a monopolist in the market of charging stations for electric cars in Northern Cyprus is the company ZES. There are 44 points of this company in Northern Cyprus. You can see the map of charging stations here.

Charging stations for electric cars In-Charge in Northern Cyprus

Another player in the market of charging stations for electric cars is the company In-Charge. Its stations are located in Famagusta at City Mall, on the Karpas near Club Di Mare, under Girne at Şah Market, in Girne itself at the Altınkaya hotel, near the Ozyalcin office and at the Limos cafe, as well as in Alsancak at the Eshiltepe gas station next to the Gloria Jeans cafe. Also near Nicosia on the highway from Famagusta at the Selenge Cars car dealership, and already in the capital itself, on Deribayu Street at the Cinemax cinema.

Frequently asked questions about charging stations

How to charge?

In case of charging at ZES, you will need to download the company's application. If you charge at In-Charge, the payment is available by card at the terminal, detailed instructions in both cases will be displayed on the charging station itself.

How to find charging stations for electric cars?

On the ZES website, a map of charging stations in Northern Cyprus is available, by this link you will find it. In-Charge does not have anything like that, but you can see the location on the popular specialized website in this field

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Зарядные станции для электромобилей Северный Кипр

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