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Traffic rules in Cyprus - the basics

Updated: 2 months ago

Some of the rules of the road in Cyprus are definitely not worth breaking, and the police can turn a blind eye to some points.

So, parking lots. It just seems that the Cypriots park spontaneously and the car can be left anywhere - this is not the case at all. If you park in a prohibited area - a fine of 100 euros. You will have to pay 150 euros for parking near a pedestrian crossing or bus stop. Parking in disabled areas is subject to a fine of 300 euros.


Speed limits in Cyprus are 50 km / h in built-up areas, 80 km / h outside built-up areas and 100 km / h on motorways.


  • Up to 30% of the maximum allowed — 2 euros for each km / h over the limit + 1-3 penalty points;
  • From 30 to 50% — 3 euros for each km / h over the limit + 2-4 points;
  • From 50 to 75% — 5 euros for each km / h over the limit + 3-6 points;

If the speed limit is higher than 75% of the permitted speed limit, the case is referred to the court. In this case, the violator faces a prison sentence of one to three years and / or a fine of up to 4,000 euros. The court may also decide to revoke the rights.

"Drunk driving"

In Cyprus, you can drive if you've had a few drinks. The legal norm of alcohol at the wheel is 0.22 ppm in the driver's blood. This is about two glasses of wine or 50 grams of any strong drink.

If the blood alcohol level is between 0.5 and 1.19 ppm-a fine of 200 euros plus the detention of the driver and car. Someone must come and pick you up, otherwise you will have to get sober at the police station. If the alcohol content is from 1.2 to 1.6 ppm-a fine of 300 euros. If the threshold of 1.6 ppm is exceeded, the penalty will be determined in court. This can be a prison sentence of up to three years and the loss of a driver's license. It all depends on the circumstances of the detention.

By the way, if the driver refuses to be checked for alcohol, the case is referred to the court. Alcohol checks usually start in the evening, usually after 21-22 hours.

Also often fined for not wearing a seat belt - 150 euros, for talking on the phone while driving-150 euros. Red light fare - 300 euros. These rules are worth paying attention to. And more:

  • transportation of a child without a car seat — 150 euros + 3-6 penalty points;
  • travel under the prohibition sign — 150 euros;
  • don't miss a pedestrian — 200 euros;
  • motorcycle riding without a helmet — 200 euros.

An important point is that you can't pay fines on the spot by transferring money to a police officer. He has to write out a receipt. The transfer of money will be considered as an attempt to bribe an official. The fine is paid at the police station, in the municipality, or online on the website of the Department of Road Transport.

Violations that the police overlook:

  • Entering the oncoming lane;
  • Driving without documents (license, documents for a car, insurance).
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