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Rules for riding an electric scooter and scooter in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

The Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus in the summer of 2022 approved special rules governing movement on electric scooters and scooters. Violators face an out-of-court fine of 50 to 85 euros.

Driving an electric scooter or scooter is allowed from the age of 14, and it is mandatory to use protective equipment: a helmet and a fluorescent vest at night. The maximum speed allowed is 20 km / h. A scooter or electric scooter must have a braking system, front and rear lights, and a bell.

Permitted traffic area:

  • On selected sections of streets where the speed limit is limited to 30 km / h;
  • On bike paths and their extensions;
  • On squares and pedestrian streets (after the decision of the municipality; speed-no more than 10 km / h).


  • 50 euros

For driving without working headlights

For driving in the wrong places

For parking on a bike path or street

  • 85 euros

For persons under 14 years of age

For speeding

For not wearing a helmet

For non-compliance with traffic rules

Be careful and always follow the rules.

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