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Scooter rental in Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Perhaps the trendiest way of getting around European cities lately is the electric scooter. Let's see how things are with this mode of transportation in Cyprus.

Renting Electric Scooters in Cyprus

Прокат самокатов Кипр

Take A Ride

An app for renting electric scooters developed in Cyprus. Works on the standard principle with a starting trip payment and per-minute pricing. An important feature is that the scooter can be left anywhere within the operating zone without the need to find a special parking spot. Additionally, you can rent two scooters with one profile.

Cost: unlock - 80 euro cents, reserve - 80 euro cents, per minute - 20 euro cents.

E-run Cyprus

The company has a fundamentally different approach to scooter rental compared to what most users are used to: they offer daily rentals with a delivery option - similar to car rentals. However, users praise the quality of the scooters and the service in their reports. If you need to move actively for a couple of days - it's a good option.

Pick’n Click

This service also offers rentals for scooters and bicycles, but, like the previous one, on a daily basis. An important point - it operates only in Larnaca.


The service is available in Limassol and Nicosia, and you can only pick up and drop it off at 20 locations in the city (14 of which are in Limassol), limiting mobility options. In addition to electric scooters, there are also regular scooters.

The cost of electric scooters - 1 euro to start and 15 euro cents per minute. Regular scooters cost 0.5 euros to start and 5 euro cents per minute.


Another app, but with a small number of scooters and an app that hasn't been updated suspiciously. On the plus side - a large coverage area, coinciding with all of Limassol. However, the service is not available in other cities.


The company has not yet started its operations, but in 2023, they announced their arrival in the Cypriot market. Let's leave a mention here hoping for the start of operations soon.

Frequent Questions about Scooters in Cyprus

What are the rules for riding a scooter in Cyprus?

The Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus approved special rules regulating the movement on electric scooters and scooters in the summer of 2022. You can read about them in this article.

Are electric scooters popular in Cyprus?

Judging by the offerings - not really, and those that exist are clearly aimed at tourists rather than relieving the transportation system in cities. However, bicycles are very popular in Cyprus, although the island cannot be compared in this regard with European capitals.

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