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For enthusiasts of cycling, the island is highly appealing due to its terrain and excellent roads.

If you don't have your own bicycle, you can rent one for short periods in cities or for longer durations to explore the entire island. Let's discuss several companies operating on the island in the bike rental sector.

Прокат велосипедов Кипр

City Bike Rental

Прокат велосипедов Кипр

A pioneer in urban rentals on the island is the service Nextbike. The company has numerous bike stations in Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Protaras, and Paralimni. The service operates on a sharing principle through an application. The cost is 2.5 euros for the first two hours, and 1 euro for each subsequent hour. A monthly subscription is available for 20 euros.


The previous company does not have Paphos in the list of cities; this city stands out separately. However, bikes for city strolls, albeit with rentals from a day, can be found there as well. We are talking about ABC Bike Rental. They offer city bikes, electric bikes, and mountain bikes. Prices start from 10 euros per day, and the complete price list can be viewed on the rental's website, where you can also find rental locations.


Прокат велосипедов Кипр

Road Bike Rental

Let's clarify upfront that this doesn't necessarily mean road bikes; we are talking about firms that organize serious multi-day bike tours on the island and rent corresponding bicycles.

For example, Cycle Classic Tours. They can deliver bicycles to addresses in Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. Rentals are available for a minimum of three days, and they offer electric, mountain, city, and road bikes. Prices can be found on the company's website.


Aspire Cycling takes cycling to another level, with daily rental costs ranging from 30 to 50 euros (renting a car might be cheaper). However, attention to detail is paramount, to the extent that you can choose the most suitable pedals and even bring spare tubes.


Larnaca Pro Cycle Hire also specializes, as evident from the name, in bikes above average level. Brands such as Pinarello and Cannondale are available. They operate only in Larnaca.

A similar company is also in Paphos – Ride Easy Bike Paphos. They offer a good selection of Cannondale road bikes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bike Rental in Cyprus

Is a helmet mandatory?

In road bike rentals, a helmet will be provided, but in city rentals, it's not. Legally, you are not required to wear a helmet, but we strongly recommend wearing one when riding on public roads.

Where to find cycling routes?

Again, rental companies from the road bike section will recommend the best routes. In cities, it's best to ride along the promenades.

Can you rent a scooter in the city?

Yes, in addition to bike rentals, scooter rentals are available in Cyprus cities. It's not very popular, but we found some points and described them in this article.

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Прокат велосипедов Кипр

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