Cyprus, Nicosia

How Much Alcohol Can One Bring into Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

Today, the duty-free rate for the import of alcohol into the territory of Northern Cyprus is one liter (alcohol content exceeds 22% vol.) or two liters of wine (alcohol content up to 22% vol.).

It is also important to note that only a person older than 17 can carry alcohol in their luggage. They forbid carrying alcohol in children's luggage.

If a couple of bottles of wine or a bottle of whiskey is not enough for you on a trip, then be ready to pay a fee for up to five liters, amounting to 10 euros per liter. Importing alcohol over five liters per person is prohibited.

When exporting alcoholic products from Northern Cyprus, it is worth considering: that in the territory of the CIS, there is a duty-free import of three liters of alcohol, with a duty of 10 euros per liter for an amount of three to five liters. Importing alcohol over five liters per person is also prohibited.




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