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How to pay for additional baggage at Pegasus Airlines in the best way?

Updated: 3 months ago

Pegasus Airlines flights are one of the most popular ways to travel from cities in Turkey to Northern Cyprus, thanks to a wide range of flight routes and affordable tickets.

However, like any low-cost carrier, baggage is not included in the ticket price. Let us explain how you can pay for baggage and how to do it most efficiently.

Ways to Pay for Pegasus Airlines Baggage:

  • On the airline's website when purchasing the ticket;
  • By calling the support service;
  • At the airport during check-in.

Варианты тарифов Pegasus с багажом

On the Website

This option is the most economical, as the cost of baggage is added to the base fare, or you can immediately choose a more advanced fare that includes baggage and seat selection.

If you do not have a bank card issued outside of Russia, you will need to purchase tickets through aggregators, such as Aviasales. However, on Pegasus Airlines flights, there is an option to include baggage in the ticket price.

By Phone

This option is less convenient but suitable if you are having trouble with the website and need to urgently add baggage to an existing booking.

At the Airport

This is the most economically disadvantageous option: payment is made at the airport during check-in for the flight, so you should arrive at the airport in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flights with Pegasus Airlines

How else can I save on baggage transport?

Here's a life hack: if you are buying tickets for several people, but only need one piece of baggage (the limit is an impressive 20 kilograms), you can choose not to purchase an upgraded fare that includes baggage for each passenger in the booking. Instead, select the simplest fare and when entering passenger details, add baggage for only one of them.

How to Pay for Pegasus Tickets with a Russian Card?

The airline's website accepts international bank cards issued outside of Russia for payment. However, if you only have a Russian bank card, you can purchase tickets through Aviasales, as this search engine offers payment options with cards issued in Russia.

Where does Pegasus Airlines arrive on Northern Cyprus?

A new terminal was recently built at Ercan Airport, and now all flights arrive there. For more information about the new terminal and how to navigate it, please read our separate article.

If you need a taxi from the airport or are interested in finding a travel companion to reduce expenses, we recommend visiting the Telegram forum "Northern Cyprus. Taxi" and arranging something in advance.

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