What Amount of Cash Can One Bring in and out of Northern Cyprus?

According to the legal expert, the TRNC law states that one can take out a maximum of 10,000 euros in cash per person or the equivalent of this amount in another currency. More than 10000€ - only through the banks of Northern Cyprus. One should know that it is impossible to declare more for export at the airport. To export more money, you need permission from a local bank, which will also provide you with a declaration. And one has to do this at the bank in advance.

An important thing to remember for all those traveling - 10,000 € should be with you (bag, pockets) for each (!!!) traveler. If you have a family of three, you fly together, and only the one carries the money (30,000 €), then they can arrest that person with the money and take the cash away. And it will be possible to return the money only through the court. This practice, unfortunately, already exists. Therefore, each family member should have 10,000 € in personal belongings separately.

As for children, the law says that each passenger has the right to carry 10,000 € but does not specify the passenger's age. But, as practice shows, they can fault children. After a telephone conversation with the Ministry of Finance, we know that they shifted the responsibility to the customs. So only the customs officers decide whether to slow down an under-age with 10,000 € or not. In general, we wholeheartedly do not advise you to take risks and let only adults or youth already 18 years old carry money.

Import of cash. Here is a declaration. You can import 10,000 € without declaring. If the amount exceeds the limit, be sure to fill it out. One copy remains with you, the second - at customs, and the third goes to the Central Bank.

Good luck with your trips!


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