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What Amount of Cash Can One Bring in and out of Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

The TRNC law states that the maximum amount of cash that can be taken out is €10,000 per person or the equivalent in another currency. Anything over €10,000 can only be transferred through banks in Northern Cyprus.

вывоз наличных северный кипр

Limit per person

A very important point to remember for all travelers is that €10,000 must be carried by each person (!) traveling. In other words, if you are a family of three, flying together, and the money is held by one person (€30,000), that person can be arrested and the cash seized. The money can only be recovered through the court. Unfortunately, this practice already exists. Therefore, each family member must individually carry €10,000 in personal belongings.

Minors' exports

The law states that each passenger has the right to carry €10,000. The passenger's age is not specified in the law. However, as practice shows, children may face difficulties. After a phone conversation with the Ministry of Finance, it was clarified that they shifted the responsibility to customs. Allegedly, customs officials decide whether to detain a minor with €10,000 or not. In general, we do not advise you to take risks. Let only adults or legally mature young people, those who are 18 years old or older, carry the money.

Cash imports

The declaration is required here. You can import up to €10,000 without declaration. If the amount exceeds the limit, you must fill out a declaration. One copy remains with you, the second one stays with customs, and the third is sent to the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions about airport restrictions

Can I declare more than €10,000?

Currency exceeding the €10,000 limit must not only be declared but also require permission from the local central bank.

How much alcohol can I bring to Northern Cyprus?

Currently, the duty-free limit for importing alcohol to Northern Cyprus is one liter (with an alcohol content exceeding 22%) or two liters of wine (with an alcohol content up to 22%). More information about alcohol imports.

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