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Crossing the Border of Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago
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Surely you have heard many tales about the stamp in the passport of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Let's dispel the fears.

Despite the fact that the stamp in the passport for crossing the border of TRNC is not a sentence, it is possible to avoid it. When crossing the border of Northern Cyprus, you will have several options.

How to avoid getting the TRNC stamp in your passport?

Штамп Северный Кипр

Submit a completed form along with your passport

You can obtain the form on some flights directly on board or at check-in and fill it out on the plane. But if you couldn't find the form, they will definitely be stacked in the border officer's window. Carefully bypass the queue, take the form, and return while waiting, you can fill out the form.

Submit a blank form along with your passport

Border officers often understand the reluctance to have the stamp in the passport and even put it on a blank form. But if you want a hundred percent guarantee that it will be placed specifically on the paper, it is better to submit a completed form or quickly fill it out before the window. Submit your passport only together with the entry form.

Ask to stamp your boarding pass

There have been cases when this worked, but no guarantee can be given here, so it is better to use the previous advice if you do not want to get the entry stamp into TRNC in your passport.

Штамп Северный Кипр

Frequently Asked Questions about the TRNC stamp in the passport

What are the consequences of the TRNC stamp in the passport?

The official stamp of the TRNC can only harm your passport if you plan to fly to the southern part of the island through the airports in Larnaca or Paphos in the future. For the southern part of Cyprus, the border crossing stamp of the TRNC is a violation of internal laws, and most likely, you will not be granted a national visa of the Republic of Cyprus with such a passport.

How will the TRNC stamp affect travel to other countries?

Despite being an unrecognized republic, its stamp will only be noticed in the Republic of Cyprus. The stamp does not affect entry to other countries, including European countries.

What information should be filled out on the form for the TRNC stamp?

Name, surname, passport number, nationality, and flight number. All this can be filled out in a minute while standing in line.

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