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Car rental at Ercan Airport

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A car in Northern Cyprus is essential for both locals and tourists.

Consider this: there is no public transportation to attractions outside cities, whether it's Saint Hilarion Castle or the Karpaz Peninsula with its famous wild donkeys, and taxis are quite expensive.

Moreover, taxi fares from Ercan Airportare not low either — the cost of a trip to any part of the island will exceed the cost of renting a car for almost any model except luxury ones.

So, if you've come to Northern Cyprus for tourism and plan to actively explore the island's attractions, we strongly recommend renting a car at Ercan Airport as soon as you arrive.

Car rental at Ercan Airport

You can rent a car upon arrival at the airport in several ways. Through a search aggregator online — perhaps the most convenient option. You can also make a reservation directly through a rental company — especially if they have a convenient booking form on their website. Additionally, you can ask your hotel to arrange a car rental for you, or find small companies offering such services on forums.

Аренда авто в аэропорту Эрджан агрегатор

Car rental at Ercan Airport through an aggregator

The principle of operation is similar to well-known hotel search engines such as,, or Yandex.Travel. The booking process:

  • Enter the location — Ercan Airport or Ercan (as shown in the screenshots below and above)
  • Specify the rental start and end dates, start time, and age compliance
  • After receiving the results, go to the car card, read the detailed terms, fill in the information, and make a prepayment

Аренда авто в аэропорту Эрджан онлайн

Two major players operate among car rental aggregators in Northern Cyprus. It's recommended to check both, as one of them may have a lower final price or a wider selection of rental companies and, consequently, cars.

Car rental search aggregators in Northern Cyprus:

Rental car companies at Ercan Airport

Almost all car rental companies in Northern Cyprus can deliver a car upon your flight's arrival. Here are several websites where you can book a car online in English or even Russian, with delivery to Ercan.

Car rental through the hotel

If you plan to stay in a large hotel, try asking about car rental before check-in — many hotels work with their own car suppliers, and in this case, they will surely provide you with this service. But regarding delivery to the airport, it's better to clarify separately; most likely, they will offer you a transfer to the hotel, and the car will be provided on-site.

Haven't chosen a hotel yet? Hurry to Ostrovok or Yandex, and also check out these selections:

Car rental at the forum

As for the forum, this is also a viable option — in the “Car Rental” section of the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus, there are more than three thousand messages from local car owners — you can always find something to your taste and budget there.

Frequently Asked Questions about car rental at Ercan Airport

What is the cost of renting at the airport?

It depends on the car class and rental period. But generally, in Northern Cyprus, prices start from 30 euros per day, and almost no one rents for less than three days. Of course, Nissan Note or Hyundai i20 class cars will start from 30 euros, while German brands will start from 50 euros.

Is renting a car on the forum safe?

Quite so, if you know a couple of nuances. Firstly, do not agree to pay a deposit, especially the full amount. Secondly, check the color of the license plates: cars with white plates cannot be rented out, as this is illegal and can lead to problems due to lack of insurance. Officially rented cars — only with red plates.

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