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Airport Parking at Ercan Airport: Cost, How to Find

Updated: 5 days ago

The Ercan Airport, renovated in 2023, offers, among other amenities, parking for arriving and departing passengers.

Парковка в аэропорту Эрджан

Parking Cost at Ercan Airport

The cost is indicated for April 2024 in Turkish Lira and depends on the parking duration.

Parking cost at Ercan Airport for cars:

Up to 15 minutes: Free

15 minutes to 1 hour: 70

1 to 2 hours: 150

2 to 6 hours: 250

6 to 12 hours: 300

12 to 24 hours: 400

24 hours: 400

Month: 4500

Six months: 18000

Year: 39000

Parking cost at Ercan Airport for minivans and buses:

Up to 15 minutes: Free

15 minutes to 1 hour: 90

1 to 2 hours: 170

2 to 6 hours: 280

6 to 12 hours: 340

12 to 24 hours: 440

24 hours: 440

Month: 4500

Six months: 18000

Year: 39000

How to Find Parking at Ercan Airport

Upon entrance, keep to the right, as shown in the image below. There are exits from the parking lot to both the arrival area, at ground level, and the departure area — for this, use the elevators to the second level.

Парковка в аэропорту Эрджан как найти

Frequently Asked Questions

What alternative parking options are there at Ercan Airport?

There are private parking lots near the airport. The principle is as follows—you leave your car in the parking lot, and you are driven to the airport (approximately 10 minutes away). The cost of such parking is 1.5 to 2 times lower than at the airport. Here's an example of such a company.

Do I need to go to the parking lot for passenger drop-off and pick-up?

No, in this case, you need the far left road upon entrance, which will take you to the passenger drop-off and pick-up area. However, you cannot stay there for long.

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