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Changing airports in Istanbul when flying to Northern Cyprus

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Many people fly to Northern Cyprus from Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines or Anadolujet, departing from Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

At the same time, flights to Istanbul from many countries are most often operated to the New Istanbul Airport. These two airports are located at diametrically opposite ends of the giant city. We will tell you how to move from one airport to another in different ways.

Transfer Between Istanbul Airports

путь между аэропортами стамбула на общественном транспорте


Traditionally, the easiest way to get from point A to point B. At the exit from the lower part of the terminal complex, you will need to approach the dispatcher and order a taxi. Or you can go directly to the Transfer Desk upon arrival on the first floor. The cost of a taxi is from 50 euros, and the travel time is about one and a half hours, if there are no unpredictable traffic jams.

Express Bus

A compromise option between speed, comfort, and cost. At the exit from the lower part of the terminal complex (one floor below the arrival hall), there will be multiple platforms from which HAVAIST buses depart to different parts of the city, including the Sabiha Gökçen Airport route. You are interested in HAVAIST-13, which goes directly to the air harbor on the Asian side.

The cost as of September 2023 is 173 lira, and the travel time is just under two hours.

маршрут автобуса между аэропортами Стамбула


Both Istanbul airports are connected by metro lines. However, considering the branched network of lines and different types of trains, it can be quite an interesting quest. If you have luggage, we do not recommend this option, but the advantage is that you can fairly accurately calculate the time if you don't get too confused during transfers.

So, here's the route:

  1. The metro line from the New Airport (M11) will take you to Kağıthane station (currently the terminus, but the line is planned to be extended by one more stop).
  2. Then exit and transfer to the M7 line at the station with the same name to Mecidiyeköy (it's just two stops on a driverless train, we recommend getting on the first carriage).
  3. Underground, transfer to Şişlı station (green line, M2) and travel to Yenıkapı station, which is the terminus.
  4. Then transfer to the Marmaray line, which is not exactly a metro but a special train that goes under the Bosphorus. Proceed to the Ayrılık Çeşmesi stop.
  5. At this station, transfer to the red line of the metro, M4, and take it to Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

This route will take you about three hours, but you will get acquainted with Istanbul's transportation system.

Metro and Ferry

We added this option for those who have at least half a day for a layover - to enjoy a walk around the city and take a ferry, which offers a fantastic view of the city.

First, you need to repeat all the steps mentioned above, but on the M2 green line, exit at Taksim (if you want to see Taksim Square and walk along Istiklal Street), Şişhane (if you want to see the Galata Tower), or Halıç (if you want to stroll along the waterfront from the metro bridge). From Taksim Square, head towards the ferries at Kabataş Pier. From the Galata Tower and the metro bridge, go to Karaköy Pier.

At both piers, you need to buy tickets for the ferry to Kadıköy Pier on the Asian side. And from there, take the M4 red line, which will take you to Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

как добраться из одного аэропорта стамбула в другой

Frequently Asked Questions About Istanbul Transportation

How do you pay for the metro in Istanbul?

With an Istanbul Card - it is sold at the ticket machines at the entrance of each metro station. Then you will need to load money onto the card using the same machine, and you can choose the Russian language on the screen.

Can you use the same ticket for multiple trips on the metro?

No, the Istanbul metro is different from the Moscow metro and similar ones - each line is paid separately. 100 lira will be enough for a trip with all transfers.

Where do planes land in Northern Cyprus?

All flights from Turkey to Northern Cyprus land at the new terminal of Ercan Airport. Our guide to the airport will help

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