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Where to find domestic workers in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Assemble furniture, paint walls, fix windows... Agreeably, there are often numerous small household tasks that lack time, resources, or tools to complete. We will tell you where to find service providers like "handymen."

работа по дому северный кипр

What types of services can be found?

Local craftsmen can assist you with various local repairs such as wall painting, window repairs, furniture assembly, and appliance setup. Besides Cypriots, there are also many Russian-speaking handymen on the island offering similar services. If language barriers concern you, it is advisable to approach them.

Where is the best place to find workers?

Here, the principle of "where it is sold, it is repaired" often applies. For example, if you need to assemble furniture, it is worthwhile to find furniture stores nearby - we have a list of such places, or you can search "Mobilya + the name of your locality" in a search engine. Typically, furniture stores not only sell furniture but also provide assembly and repair services.

The same applies to appliance setups. The easiest way is to find a service center by searching for "your company name + teknik servis" or asking the salespeople at an appliance store.

Regarding house or apartment repairs, there are companies specializing in this. Among the larger ones are Cyprus Homebuilders and CDS, but they may not take on very small projects like wall painting.

Many advertisements offering services for small household tasks are published in the "Services" section of the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus, here. You can use the search function or make a request - you will find someone to assist you.

Other Frequently Asked Household Questions

How to get rid of mold?

It happens, especially in winter, that mold appears on the walls and other surfaces of the house. In stores, in the household goods section (even small shops have them), you can find special products. We have already covered a couple of them here. Ordinary bleach also copes with mold.

How to get rid of ants in the house?

In these same sections, you can buy products against ants and other undesirable insects in the house. There are also folk remedies, which we have mentioned here.

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