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Where to order cleaning services in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Are you renting out an apartment and need to clean it before new tenants move in? Are you moving out of a flat and need to arrange for cleaning? Or do you simply want to tidy up your home but lack the desire or time to do it yourself? Then this material is for you.

Where to Find Cleaning Services in Northern Cyprus

клининг северный кипр

Order through the property management office

If your property is located in a large residential complex with a property management office, the easiest way is to arrange for cleaning through the complex administration. This process is well-established, and the apartments will be thoroughly cleaned according to hotel standards within a specific timeframe. It may be slightly more expensive than the average market price, but it will save you headaches.

Contact cleaning companies

There are also private firms that specialize in professional cleaning and have a staff equipped with all the necessary tools for cleaning. This option is suitable for properties without centralized management. Here are some cleaning companies in Northern Cyprus that offer cleaning services:

Tuay Temizlik (Kyrenia)

CDS (Catalkoy)

  • Suitable for property owners who receive guests: the company specializes in property management, and various service packages include cleaning
  • +905488444999
  • Location

Beyler & Co (Catalkoy)

  • Similar to the previous service, offering comprehensive home services, including cleaning and repairs
  • +903928245567
  • Location

Mesut Temizlik (Kyrenia)

Good Helper Temizlik (Kyrenia)

Özmeli Cleaning (Famagusta)

Sporcuoğlu Trade Cleaning (Nicosia)

Crystal Clean Cyprus (Lapta)

Finding service providers on forums

An excellent option to find a service provider at a reasonable price is through thematic forums. For example, in the "Services" section of the Cyprus-FAQ Telegram channel, there are often offers for cleaning services. You can also post your own advertisement, with the possibility of finding both one-time and regular cleaning service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning in Northern Cyprus

How much does cleaning cost in Northern Cyprus?

Approximate prices: 25-30 euros for a studio, 35-40 euros for a 1+1, and 45-50 euros for a 2+1. Window cleaning is often priced separately, at around half of the total cost. Prices may vary depending on the season and location.

How to get rid of mold?

Some cleaning companies can help with this issue. You can also try to handle it yourself: in household chemical stores, you can find special products, some of which we have already written about. Chlorine bleach is also effective against mold.

How to get rid of ants in the house?

Cleaning alone is usually not enough, as ants can reappear immediately after cleaning. In household chemical stores, you can buy products specifically designed to eliminate ants and other unwanted insects in the house.

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