Cyprus, Nicosia

How to insert European plugs into Cypriot sockets?

Updated: 3 weeks ago

As is known, the electrical socket standard in Cyprus differs from the familiar European one: here, the Type G with three flat contacts is used as a legacy from the United Kingdom.

The obvious option is to buy an adapter, but it is not necessary to do it for every electrical appliance. Plugs with 4mm diameter contacts can be inserted by first switching off the socket and pressing the blocker in the grounding contact (the upper one of the three) with a wooden or plastic stick.

This approach can be applied to phone chargers, toothbrushes, power adapters for small equipment like routers, and any other plugs whose contacts fit physically (up to 4mm).

Meanwhile, European plugs with a 4.8mm diameter, mainly used for computer, audio, TV, and household appliances, cannot be connected without an adapter.

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