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Where to call in case of a power outage?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

Power outages in the northern part of the island can occur both as centralized and local ones - in case of non-payment or some local failure.

In order to have your power outage problem resolved, it is necessary to call the special numbers in the company Kib-Tek. Each district has its own numbers, we publish them and recommend saving this page.

Kib-Tek Numbers for Power Restoration

номера телефонов при отключении электричества на северном кипре


  • Phone number for power restoration service in Nicosia: +903926000900 (extension 41008)


  • Phone number for power restoration service in Famagusta: +903923666800 (extension 121); +903923665763


  • Phone number for power restoration service in Girne: +903928152115 (extension 129, 152, 153)


  • Phone number for power restoration service in Guzelyurt: +903927141923 (extension 134); +903927141220


  • Phone number for power restoration service in Iskele: +903923712560

Frequently Asked Questions about Electricity in Northern Cyprus

What are the current electricity tariffs?

Information on current energy supply tariffs can be obtained on the official website of Kib Tek company: New tariffs came into effect on August 1, 2023, and we have published them on this page.

How can I pay for electricity in Northern Cyprus?

Kib-Tek services can be paid in several ways: online through Kib-Tek website, online through Pay Point Cyprus website, at Kib-Tek payment points, and also through the bank's application. We have provided more details about these methods here.

What other important phone numbers are there?

The international emergency contact number is 112. Northern Cyprus is no exception. Additional numbers to obtain necessary assistance can be found in this section.

We inform about scheduled power outages in our Telegram channel "News of Northern Cyprus", subscribe and stay informed!

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