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Waste Sorting and Recycling in Northern Cyprus

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One of the most popular but often overlooked services on Northern Cyprus.

It usually arises among those who rent an apartment or house with their family or a large group, and on top of that, keys have a tendency to get lost. We will tell you where you can make duplicate keys in Northern Cyprus.

дубликат ключей северный кипр

Duplicate Keys in Nicosia

Gürtaş Anahtarcı

Anahtarcım Anahtarcılık

Mobil Anahtarcılık

Duplicate Keys in Girne

Kıral Anahtarcılık

Şahin Anahtarcılık

Duplicate Keys in Alsancak

Ersem Yapı Market

Duplicate Keys in Lapta

Ozsan ltd Yapi market

Duplicate Keys in Iskele

Yilmazogullari Yapi Market

Duplicate Keys in Famagusta


Duplicate Keys in Güzelköy

Many people are accustomed to sorting their waste at home, at least by separating plastic. This is equally valid for Northern Cyprus.

However, such initiatives are poorly supported at the state level and are mainly implemented thanks to concerned initiators.

Waste Sorting in Northern Cyprus

переработка мусора северный кипр


You can find plastic waste bins in many places, near large residential complexes, shops, and other crowded locations. For example, here are the addresses of one organization (.pdf) - Green Cyprus.

Plastic lids are collected separately. Boxes for them can be found in the administration of residential complexes, as well as in Credit West bank offices and Gloria Jeans cafes.


There are also bins for collecting aluminum cans on the island, although the aluminum itself is not recycled here, but transported to Turkey. In particular, this is done by the organization Cans of Hope, which collects both metal and plastic.


Cardboard is accepted for recycling by the same Green Cyprus and some other organizations.


Used batteries can be deposited in special containers at Şah supermarket in Çatalköy. Such containers can also be found in some Macro stores (formerly Lemar).


Charitable organizations in TRNC have installed special boxes for accepting unwanted items: clothing, bedding, and footwear. It is recommended to donate clean items. You can find more information here.

переработка пластика северный кипр

Frequently Asked Questions about Waste Recycling in Northern Cyprus

How much waste is collected for recycling on a daily basis?

According to a representative of Green Cyprus, between 6 and 8 tons of waste are deposited in plastic bins every day.

What happens to the waste that cannot be recycled in Cyprus?

Waste that cannot be processed in Northern Cyprus is sent to Turkey and recycled in local facilities.

What types of waste are not recycled in Northern Cyprus?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics are not recycled. Aluminum and cardboard are also not recycled. All other plastic is recycled in Northern Cyprus.

How can I install a plastic waste bin near my house?

If you have the opportunity to do it yourself or order a bin, the organization responsible for plastic recycling in Nicosia can arrange free plastic collection. The company is called ASM Recycling Ltd, and you can contact them by phone at +905488400972.

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