Cyprus, Nicosia

Basic medications in pharmacies for acute respiratory infections (ARI) and influenza (flu)

Updated: 3 months ago

In Northern Cyprus, medicines are much cheaper than in many other countries. And, by the way, it's impossible to get caught on the island for counterfeiting - here falsification of medicines and prescriptions is strictly punishable by law.

At the first symptoms of a cold, if you haven’t yet managed to see a doctor, it makes sense to buy basic medications at the pharmacy.

Oseflu - Turkish analogue of the well-known Tamiflu. The antiviral agent is suitable for both children and adults.

Tylolhot day is a paracetamol-based powder packaged in a sachet. Analogous to Teraflu.

Kloroben - solution for gargling. Quickly relieves pain and inflammation. No need to dilute with water.

Nurofen Cold&Flue is an anti-inflammatory drug for the first symptoms of colds and flu.

Kreval - cough syrup

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