Cyprus, Nicosia

Ivf in North Cyprus - it’s possible to choose the gender of your future child

Updated: 3 months ago

There aren't many clinics in the world where you can choose the gender of the unborn child during the IVF procedure. Most medical institutions focus on checking the quality of the embryo and exclude the possibility of genetic and chromosomal pathologies, especially when it comes to parents over 34 years of age.

In Northern Cyprus, two reproductive health clinics are introducing new technologies when conducting IVF procedures. In addition to standard procedures for checking the embryo, in medical institutions future parents have the opportunity to choose the gender of the child before fertilization. This is a fairly rare practice. In Europe and even in the world, the number of clinics providing this service is limited. Otherwise, the IVF procedure is carried out in Northern Cyprus according to standard European protocols. The cost of in vitro fertilization with selection of the child's gender is from $3,300, excluding hospital stay.

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