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State clinics of north cyprus

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State clinics in Northern Cyprus provide emergency assistance to all people on the island.

Even if you have a travel visa that has a contract with a private clinic, in an emergency, if you call an ambulance, you'll be taken to a state hospital. And if you have a residence permit, then according to the insurance included in it, treatment will also be provided by the municipal hospital. Therefore, it is important to maintain their contacts.


All public clinics may seem unpresentable at first glance, but they are equipped with very modern equipment and, of course, are accredited by the Ministry of Health.

государственные клиники северный кипр

Nicosia State Hospital

In Turkish it's called Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu Devlet Hastanesi. A large medical city, which includes many buildings, is located near the large ring, from which there are roads to Girne, Famagusta, Guzelyurt and further to Lefke.

State Hospital Girne

In Turkish it is called Dr. Akcicek Devlet Hastanesi. Located near the harbour, there are facilities around the hospital campus providing related services such as social security and laboratory.

Famagusta State Hospital

In Turkish it's called Gazimagusa Devlet Hastanesi. The main hospital of Famagusta is located at the exit from the city towards Iskele. A pharmacy and grocery stores are located a few steps away.

Guzelyurt and Lefke State Hospital

In Turkish it's called Cengiz Topel Hastanesi. Large cities in the western part share one public clinic between two, and it is located approximately in the middle (see all locations under the text). Apart from the hospital itself, there is nothing around, the shops are far away.


What is included in the residence permit insurance?

Treatment under insurance purchased along with a residence permit is carried out in public clinics. In general, any emergency qualifies as an insured event, and we have published a detailed list of diseases covered by insurance in this material.

What are the names of common medicines in Northern Cyprus?

The name of the active ingredient is usually the same, but to buy some of the drugs at the pharmacy, you'll need this tip. Fortunately, almost every pharmacist speaks English.

What should I do to get the ambulance to take me to a private clinic?

Large private clinics, such as Kolan British Hospital, have their own ambulance service, but you need to pre-register their phone number; by calling 112 you will be taken to a public clinic.

If you need some medicines from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or some other countries, we recommend taking a look at the “I’m treating/looking for delivery” forum, where tourists and expats flying to Northern Cyprus offer to bring some small quantities and the weight of the item

Государственный госпиталь Никосии (Nicosia State Hospital)
Государственный госпиталь Гирне (Nicosia State Hospital)
Государственный госпиталь Фамагусты (Famagusta State Hospital)
Государственный госпиталь Гюзельюрта и Лефке (Guzelyurt and Lefke State Hospital)
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