Cyprus, Nicosia

Drugs in North Cyprus pharmacies for hair growth and strengthening

Updated: 3 months ago

In pharmacies in Northern Cyprus you can find a large number of vitamins and dietary supplements of both Turkish and European origin. What to choose for hair strengthening and growth - top 5 products in local pharmacies:

  • Rigenforte - Italian brand, vitamin complex plus shampoo. Judging by the reviews, it's a very effective product that activates hair growth and stops hair loss.
  • Ducray anacaps reactive - French multivitamin complex for strengthening nails and hair growth. Prevents hair loss.
  • AGA-K - a very effective multivitamin complex for hair growth made in Turkey. The most economical option for the price. The quality isn’t inferior to European complexes, and perhaps even better. There are many positive reviews about this drug.
  • Cececap - also a Turkish-made vitamin complex, biotin. Promotes the production of the body's own collagen. Affordable price.
  • Biosil - the complex strengthens hair, fights hair loss, and promotes collagen production in the body.

To summarize: Turkish hair complexes are not inferior in quality to European ones. They have good reviews, and the price is significantly lower than international brands.

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