Cyprus, Nicosia

Top 5 vitamins for children in pharmacies in North Cyprus.

Updated: 3 months ago

Easyfishoil - Omega-3 made in Norway. The convenience of the drug for children is that the vitamins are made in the form of jelly candies, and instead of nasty fish oil or faded capsules, the child will be happy to eat delicious candies with health benefits.

Kara mürver sambucol - black elderberry, high in vitamin C, supports immunity. Suitable for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections.

Probiotic kids NBL - contains various probiotic cultures, successfully restores intestinal flora.

Ocean D3K2 orzax - a rare combination of vitamin D and K. With vitamin K, vitamin D3 is absorbed much better. D3 is necessary for children for growth, development and full formation of bone tissue.

Ocean microfer - easily digestible iron, the formula is designed specifically for the children's body.

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