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Charitable organisations in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

There are many charitable organizations and foundations in Northern Cyprus where you can always turn for help, regardless of your citizenship and social status. You can also always help foundations physically - spend your time and be a volunteer or make a donation.

There is a foundation in Lefkosa that helps children diagnosed with leukemia and their parents. The organization provides psychological and financial assistance, helps organize treatment and survive. Information about the work of the fund and details for donations on the website:

British charity Tulip helps cancer patients cope with the disease. The foundation employs oncologists, psychologists and experts who help to survive and defeat cancer.

Information about the fund on the site:

An organization in Famagusta that supports and houses homeless animals. More information on the social media page:

Support for homeless animals:

Support for homeless animals in Kyrenia:

Wildlife Foundation:

The organization is engaged in landscaping, construction of parks and care for nature:

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